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3 NYC Fauverge Chocolate Eggs

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Chocolat Moderne Handpainted Chocolate Eggs

3 NYC Fauverge Chocolate Eggs


Treat a good “egg” to lux chocolate eggs created by awarding winning chocolatier, Joan Coukos. For over 10 years, she has been striving to outdo herself with unique flavor profiles while honoring millennia old traditions. In our pursuit of finding chocolate perfection, we know that you will agree these sweet morsels have earned this honor of true perfection.

Each egg is crafted of the finest French chocolate, Valrhona, featuring high cocoa content and emphasis on growing regions. Our chocolates are covered with extra bitter dark chocolate of 61% cocoa content.

Each egg is hand-painted with splashy and colorful abandon in the style of Fauvism. These eggs measure 3" x 2". Delectable Flavors of sea salt caramel with Halen Mon Sea Salt from pure ocean currents of the Welsh coast and dark chocolate ganache.

Wicker Tray includes:
3 Chocolat Moderne Handpainted Chocolate Eggs  (4.9 oz)

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