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Party Time Charcuterie Board and Treats

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A gift for someone who has “everything” The fixins for an easy, popular way to entertain ….. a charcuterie board which can be fancy or casual . The process of putting a board together is almost as enjoyable as the noshing itself. For starters we love this wooden board which is 13.78”in diameter from the Netherlands. Then add Jennifer’s Flatbread made from an Italian biga which gives the flatbread a delicious flavor, added texture and makes it less perishable. A fig and olive tapenade from the olive groves of California is the perfect spread.

Cheese and Salami are essential. Busseto’s presliced truffle salami teams perfectly with New Woman earthy, spice, cow’s milk cheese handmade in New York. Fill a ramekin with hand-roasted nuts that Bobby Sue’s grandmother served to her family over 50 years ago. Let the party begin.

Charcuterie Board includes:
Wooden Serving Tray 13.78” diameter
New Woman Cow’s Milk Cheese 7.0 oz
Nut Mix of Almonds, Cashews and Pecans 2.5 oz
Fig and Olive Tapanade 4.0 ox
Truffle Salami 8.0 oz
Flatbread 5.0 oz

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