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aboutus.jpgSince 1996 Holbrook Cottage has been creating gift baskets of exceptional value, taste and style that have been shipped across the USA.

Every single item we include has been sampled, compared, evaluated and carefully chosen-- for delicious taste and beautiful presentation. Our clients come back again and again because they know we stand behind the value and quality of every basket. 

The influence behind all our baskets is our charming Holbrook Cottage store in the village of Briarcliff Manor, New York, along the east bank of the Hudson River. The store is a regional favorite that features home decor, gift items, and gourmet food for discerning customers. Food has always been a cornerstone of our business. We call ourselves "The Lifestyle Store" and fine food is one of the pillars of good living. Food in the past decade has become a form of self expression. We are what we eat in the same way we are how we dress, what we drive and where we vacation. That philosophy about food infuses Holbrook Cottage gift baskets. The contents reflect food trends and sensations, but also hold fast to a core of the best classic gourmet food gifting. 

It is impossible to recall how many cheese straws and chocolate chip cookies we have tasted, but the ones you'll find in our baskets are the result of some very enjoyable but also highly discriminating research. Even the containers we use are chosen for added value. They are attractive enough to be repurposed in the home or office, like I do myself. We don't believe in waste, or fluff, or skimping on the package quality.  

Bottom line we want our baskets to say a lot about our clients and for our clients to hear a lot of good things in return. That's what gift baskets are all about. Order one foryourself and you'll see and taste what I mean. Better yet, visit our store if you're in the area, and I'll show you around!

All the Best,
Sue Bicksler Taub
President and Owner