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floral-border2.jpgOur Wedding Welcome Gift Collection

nycweddinggift.jpgWhat fun I had planning the wedding for our daughter, Katie, which was held in New York City. We had many out of town guests that spent the weekend in a hotel. Katie loves New York City and wanted her guests to have a taste of New York. So we planned a NYC themed hospitality gift, featuring products crafted in the 5 boroughs. What a hit!

Next step we took that experience and developed a collection of welcome “bags” that will pamper your guests from the moment they arrive and hint at the wonderful experiences to come! Holbrook Cottage Wedding Welcome Gifts perfectly capture the uniqueness and thoughtful creativity of your special celebration. Labels, fonts, colors, packaging materials, ribbons, messaging and gift cards are all coordinated to your wedding look, theme and feel.

And not only will we capture the spirit and style of your celebration of love, we will also refresh and fortify your travel-weary guests with a delightful and delicious surprise!  We are in the field constantly tasting and testing to ensure that only the very highest quality products are selected for your guests.  Small batch, artisanal, locally sourced, fresh from the farm; these are the characteristics we search for in the items we include in our baskets. Let The Cottage help you make a sensational first impression on your guests as they join you for this most momentous occasion! 

Email me at or call me at 914 944 0734 to share your plans so we can create Welcome Gifts that reflect your wedding plans. Or select one of the offerings we show online.

Sue Bicksler Taub