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Business Gifts for Clients & Business Partners ~ Meetings & Conferences
Office Parties & Events ~ Employee Recognition ~ Employee Wellness

basket-corporate1.jpgGifting in the business context can be an after-thought: "Oh no!  I better get a gift for my best clients’, or an opportunity: "How can I reward my best clients in a way that will be motivating and memorable?"

Whether your budget is modest or extravagant, Holbrook Cottage believes your corporate gifts should be beautiful and tasteful but also communicate a clear message of value, loyalty, appreciation, investment, and potential.

We can work with your budget using one of the baskets offered on our website. Variations and additions are available to suit specific preferences and situations.  We can also build a customized gift that supports your unique branding and marketing goals.  We work in partnership with your marketing department or management team to determine the parameters.  We use our resources and relationships in the marketplace and deliver a product that creatively expresses your corporate vision.  We can select, design, and produce every element; from signature cookies and chocolates, to logo-enhanced ribbons and boxes, to engraved metal gifts and hand blown glass objects.  

Call Holbrook Cottage today and let’s get down to the business of making your corporate gifting more meaningful, more targeted, and more beneficial than it’s ever been before.