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Say Your 2018 Thank You in November

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Yes, this time of the year we think about how we are going to say thank you to all those who have made our lives so much richer, did us a favor, listened to our stressful situations, offered advice, drove our kids to the soccer practice, and the list goes on. May I suggest you begin to make that list now? We often wait until December to begin composing our list of thank you gifts. We are already on overload and the fun of saying thank you just disappears.

NYC Chocolate Gourmet Gift Box

Every November, we celebrate Thanksgiving, a holiday dedicated to giving and expressing thanks, showing gratitude to our friends and family, and appreciating the good things in our lives. While you could argue that we should be practicing gratitude year-round (and you would be right), the Thanksgiving holiday reminds us to slow down, look around us, and pay attention to all the gifts life has given us.

Back to the original idea of enjoying saying thank you. What would you think of composing your list now and sending or presenting your 2018 thank you gifts before the rush? Send out your thank you gift, a New York Inspired Gourmet Crate, the week before Thanksgiving. The assortment is great, from $29 to $200. Not the ordinary. Your recipient is probably having a house full of guests. They will love having these goodie. You are saying thank you and making her life easier!

Dark Chocolate Turkey

As our thank you gift to you for being a Holbrook Cottage client, we will enclose a chocolate turkey in every gourmet gift basket until November 20. We are happy to include your message of appreciation and thanks with the shipment of each gourmet gift.

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