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A Fail Safe Gourmet Gift Basket

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Time is running out. You aren’t sure which basket to choose and you don’t know what kind of things they like . . . then this is definitely the basket for you! The Fail Safe basket is like a snacker’s greatest hits, only it’s the greatest versions of the greatest hits. We don’t just include popcorn, it’s Sea Salt Popcorn, an awesome popcorn!

Our lemon poppy shortbread is Klara’s Gourmet, made in the Eastern European tradition from fewer, but better ingredients. Then there’s the dipping pretzels by East Shore Specialty Foods that you can dip in the grainy goodness of East Shore’s dipping mustard, double yummy! Keeping in the sweet and salty theme going, we also included Salted Peanuts, everyone loves 'em! Effie’s Homemade OatCakes are this amazing retro treat that uses a1940s recipe from Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. They taste just as great with cheeses and dips as they do with chocolate, tea, and jam.

You like cheese straws? Of course you do! And we have the best ones from the Mississippi Cheese Straw Factory, made using an old family recipe, a favorite of southern hostesses! And what Fail Safe Gourmet Gift Basket would be complete without something in the chocolate category? Once again, we chose Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels, a crowd pleaser of epic proportions! There are no sure things in life…except the universal appeal of the Fail Safe Gourmet Gift Basket!

Gourmet Basket includes:
Virginia Peanuts  8 oz
Sea Salt Popcorn  3 oz
Effie's Oatcakes  7.2 oz
Dipping Pretzels  5 oz
Mustard Pretzel Dip  5 oz
Cheese Straws  3.5 oz
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels  6 oz
Lemon Poppy Seed Shortbread  8 oz

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