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A Hip-to-Be-Square Nosh Box

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This chewy, salty, crunchy, munchy, sweet and sassy Nosh Box can’t make up its mind about tastes and textures, and that’s a good thing for someone who loves their hip snacks with a New York bite!  Brooklyn Brittle is handmade by Joanne Lomato in the borough of buttery love—here is Espresso Chip, perfect for the city that never sleeps.

Laurie & Sons delivers a not-too-sweet dark chocolate toffee snack with a touch of Maine sea salt and infused with other natural flavors and spices. They’re made in East Harlem by Laurie and her three sons, who like to keep their recipes all in the family. Another New York original are the legendary Fat Witch Brownies, locals and tourist alike line up at the Fat Witch Bakery in New York’s famous Chelsea market to get these baked sensations fresh. They were created by an ex-Wall Street trader and we all agree they taste like a million bucks!  Our salted roasted pistachios and hands-down, best ever mini chocolate chip cookies round out this awesome square of hip New York noshes.

We put it all in a silver box with a bright red bow, a nice touch of class! Want to introduce someone special to some of Gotham’s greatest snacks? Order the Hip-to-be-Square Nosh Box today! 

Chocolate Covered Popcorn  (6 oz)
Mini Bite Chocolate Chip Cookies  (2 oz)
Fat Witch Baby Chocolate Brownie  (1.5 oz)
Fat Witch Baby Walnut Chocolate Brownie  (1.5 oz)
Brooklyn Brittle Espresso Chip Shortbread  (6 oz)
Salted Pistachios  (8 oz)
Dark Chocolate Toffee with Maine Sea Salt and Pepper  (1.5 oz)

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