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Big Apple Gourmet Nosh Crate

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New Yorkers always do it in a big way. That applies to snacking, too. So say thank you or thinking of you with the greatest of noshes……………….. Truffle Popcorn. Pipcorn, the New York based snack sensation, became famous after its inventors wowed the titans of industry on Shark Tank with their itty bitty kernels and great big taste! Now add the skills of Joanne Lomanto, a passionate Brooklyn baker, to the mix, and you are off to a delicious start.

Walking down Broadway we stumbled upon a restaurant and creamery Beechers, founded in Seattle. They could not resist the lure of the Big Apple. So they set up shop on 20th and Broadway where you can see them making cheese any day. We love the New Woman’s Cow Milk Cheese with spices. Heading over to the Skyline we enjoy in Chelsea Market the most delicious and decadent brownie imaginable. So we added a big one to this crate.

Cannot close out the assortment without 3 really big fresh apples from a Hudson Valley Orchard, fabulous chocolate covered nuts and pretzels. Oh and do not forget the Mini chocolate Chip Cookies and cranberry almond biscotti.

Truly up to its name……………A Big Apple Gourmet Nosh Crate.

Skyline Crate Includes:
3 Hudson Valley Apples
Wafer Crackers 3.5 oz
Butterscotch Cookies 3.5 oz
New Woman Cheese 7 oz
Chocolate Brownie 3.5 oz
Mini Chocolate Chip Cookies 2 oz
Brooklyn Parmesan Brittle 6 oz
Dark Chocolate Covered Almonds 6 oz
Chocolate Covered Pretzels 0.8 oz
Cranberry Almond Biscotti 2.5 oz
Bobby Sue Nuts 1.5 oz
Truffle Pipcorn Popcorn 4.5 oz
Tomato and Olive Tapenade 9 oz

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