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Who doesn’t love a warm delicious breakfast? Our schedules do not allow us to sit down as family, Monday thru Friday, but every Sat and Sunday we indulge ourselves with a scrumptious breakfast. Maybe it is so special because we only engage in this lovely practice twice a week. When we put together the NYC Power Breakfast Gift, we wanted to include all the ingredients needed by your recipient to treat their family or guests to a power breakfast.

This NYC Inspired Gift Basket has been a favorite from the minute we put it together. Yes, the artisans of Brooklyn are well represented. Let’s start with Early Bird Granola—a great Brooklyn story. The founder managed a famous pizzeria but loved to make granola! She shared her product at local markets and people like them; Martha Stewart and Melissa Clarke became fans along with enough others to require a big Brooklyn kitchen space to keep up with all the demand!


In a stroke of genius Joanne Lomanto, founder of Brooklyn Brittle, she combined eye awakening espresso chips with her grandmother’s shortbread recipe. We love this brittle so much that we try to include it in many of the NYC Inspired Gourmet Gift Baskets.

Brooklyn Bakers, Jenna Park and Mark Sopack are 2 other favorites that we feature frequently in our NYC Inspired Gourmet Gift Baskets. They also cut their sweet teeth at local markets where they delighted customers with superb award-winning baked goods–in this NYC inspired Gourmet Gift we include their cinnamon chocolate biscotti—the perfect accompaniment to a mug filled with our dark rich hot chocolate.

No, we have not shared the stories of all the products in this charming NYC Inspired Gourmet Gift but hope you will agree that it is a delicious choice as a Thank You Gourmet Gift NY. YUM!

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