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NYC Power Breakfast Gourmet Gift Basket

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When the titans of industry and the masters of the universe get the morning munchies, this is what they dream about! Small batch, artisanal and hearty market-fresh products that get them ready for a day of buying low and selling high!

Let’s start with Early Bird Granola—a great Brooklyn story—the founder managed a famous pizzeria but loved to make granola! She shared her product at local markets and people like Martha Stewart and Melissa Clarke became fans along with enough others to require a big Brooklyn kitchen space to keep up with all the demand! In a stroke of genius Joanne Lomanto, founder of Brooklyn Brittle, combined eye awakening espresso chips with her grandmother’s shortbread recipe. All of NYC, and now you too can be incredibly grateful!

Biscotti created with a love for combinations of flavors by two artisans in the Hudson Valleyi—the perfect accompaniment to a mug filled with our dark rich hot chocolate. Chocolate covered coffee beans, fresh-from-the-field tasting blueberry jam and the oh-so New York everything bagel nuts by Bobby Sue.

Little extra time this weekend morning—the Buttermilk Pancake mix and Finding Home Maple Syrup from the Hudson Valley will be a reward for a busy NY week.

Add a charming NYC-themed tea towel for an additional $21. And check out all our NYC themed gourmet gift baskets!

Stack of Red Boxes contains:

Espresso Chip Brittle  (6 oz)
Everything Bagel Nuts  (5 oz)
Peach Jam  (8.5 oz)
NYC Dark Chocolate Espresso Bean (6 oz)
Maple Syrup  (4 oz)
Early Morning Granola  (12 oz)
Buttermilk Pancake Mix  (12 oz)
Hot Chocolate Mix  (1.2 oz)
Biscotti  (7 oz)

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