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Yesterday, I was in Manhattan at a service in the Village. Lined up all along lower 5 th Avenue were cars loaded with college students and their belongings. Oh! How I remember those days dropping off Katie at Georgetown. Always bitter sweet.

NY Chocolate Crunch Gourmet B&W Gift BoxThat stretch between college drop and Thanksgiving can be a long one. Wouldn’t it be fun to send a little love and thinking of you gift that is a Taste of New York? The  New York Inspired Gourmet Gifts are filled with things kids love. New York Chocolate Crunch Gift Box has the ever popular chocolate coated popcorn and mini bite chocolate chip cookies. Topping it off is a New York Skyline Mug. While cooking on campus can be difficult, microwaves are ubiquitous. This mug will be a sweet reminder of home and great for satisfying midnight cravings.

When tensions run high around midterms or finals, having some favorite  New York

NYC Chic Midnight-Snacking Crate

inspired snacks to enjoy on study breaks or with roommates and friends are sure to be a very welcome surprise. We love the  NYC Chic Midnight Snacking Crate, which is loaded with the trendiest tastes from Shark Tank winner Pipcorn to Joanne Lomato’s Brooklyn Brittle. The day we discovered this shortbread made from Joanne’s grandmother’s recipe, we knew we had a winner. So delicious you may want to ask us to send you several bags. Can’t beat the snacks from the gourmet capital of USA, New York City. There are other  New York Inspired Snack Gourmet gifts on this site. Take a look. And send a taste of NYC today.

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