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Fa La La La La Gourmet Christmas Sampler

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Warning: This basket could cause spontaneous caroling and merry-making, please send only with good cheer! And who wouldn’t break into song at the sight of this all-star lineup of Holiday treats? We looked north and south to select the very tastiest holiday snack selections! Mississippi Sriracha Cheese Straws are made by third generation bakers who treasure their family recipe for this southern snacking favorite. Ferides 5’o clock Crunch is another family-made favorite from Virginia where the world’s best peanuts are added to this irresistible snack mix.

Our Lake Champlain Chocolate squares come from a family-owned company that believes the Vermont DIY spirit produces the best, most wholesome products, that’s why these chocolates are Fair Trade certified and made right in Burlington from bean to bar! And what artisanal gourmet basket would be complete without shortbread?

There’s plenty more to sing about: Chocolate Covered Caramels, Popcorn, Pretzels and Honey Mustard Dipping Sauce…all wrapped up in a reusable basket! Send the Fa La La La La Gourmet Christmas Sampler to a special client or hostess and be sure to have one on hand in case some hungry carolers come calling! Oh…La La La La!

Basket includes:
Popcorn (5.3 oz)
Cheddar Cheese Snack Mix (6 oz)
Mississippi Cheese Straws (3.5 oz)
Chocolate Covered Pretzels (6 oz)
Holbrook Cottage Candy Cane Caramels (6 oz)
Virginia Salted Peanuts (3 oz)
Lake Champlain Chocolate Squares (2.8 oz)
Shortbread Cookies (4 oz)
Gingerbread Men (2 oz)
Iced Holiday Cookie (1pc)
Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip (4.3 oz)
Dipping Pretzels (6 oz)

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