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Farm to Table Gourmet Gift Box

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Looking for the perfect hostess gift? Stop! You have found the answer for your hostess gift. Crunch carrots or dilly beans ,finger food at its finest that is blanched within hours of harvest or enjoy as Bloody Mary stirrers or chilled straight from the jar. Crisp, sweet apples from the Hudson Valley and Vermont Cheddar Cheese add delicious flavor to any charcuterie board.

Gathering with friends calls for wine or cider calls mulled with spices of cinnamon, orange peel, white star anise and cloves. Of course, cider donuts made in a bakery right in an apple orchard will become a favorite. What could be better? There is more. Don’t forget a savory, sea salt popcorn and two indulgences, coconut curry chocolate cashews and chocolate bar with burnt caramel and Hawaiian Sea Salt, created by artisan chocolatier Fritz Knipschidt. You are sure to be invited to the next party. Great gift!

Wooden Cheese Box includes:

Mulling Spices 2.50 oz
Wafer Crackers 3.5 oz
Chocolate Coconut Curry Cashews 6.0 oz
Hawaiian Sea Salt Burnt Caramel Chocolate Bar 3.75 oz
Sea Salt Popcorn 4.50 oz
Dilly Beans 8.0 oz
Crunch Carrots 8.0 oz
2 Gala Apples
Vermont Cheddar Cheese 7.0 oz
6 Cider Donuts

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