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Down in the Valley Farm Gourmet Basket

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We've gathered a basket full of the most wholesome selections from the finest purveyors of farm fresh flavors. Oliver Kita's fair trade and organic chocolate bars are made in the Hudson Valley using French techniques and the very finest, and often, local ingredients, like those in this Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Crispy Rice Bar. Hickory smoked and all natural with a black pepper and brown sugar marinade, Beef Jerky is made in Brooklyn, but its heart is in a sweet smelling grassy valley! This product returns beef jerky to its rightful place as a healthy protein rich treat for adventure seekers!

Klara's cookies are inspired by her Czech childhood filled with buttery, sugary bowls of dough. Now Klara lives her dream of owning her own cookie business in Massachusetts. From the Great Lakes region Peach Habanero Salsa made in small batches with high-quality goods using real fruits and family recipes made with time honored techniques. This Salsa uses pristine fresh ingredients that shine on a chip or add zing to fish and chicken dishes. We've tucked in Blueberry and Strawberry Jam from Vermont's Sidehill Farm, where they've been making jams and maple toppings in the artisanal style since 1976. Crackers from Vermont are a perfect crisp wafer made of handmade locally-sourced grains, butter and milk. Trail Mix of fruit and nuts takes snacking to an art form.

Our Hudson Valley bakery demonstrates every day why small is better: chewy fragrant oatmeal cookies deserve to be lingered over and savored with a piping hot cup of tea. Sweet Cherries from a PA Amish Cannery are plump and bursting with flavor, and preserved the old fashioned way at the peak of ripeness. And finally there are three perfect crisp gala apples because there is simply no way to improve upon that valley-fresh snack!

Basket includes:
Peach Habanero Salsa 12.0 oz
Sweet Cherries 16.0 oz
Sea Salt Chips 4.0 oz
Beef Jerky 3.5 oz
Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter and Crispy Rice Bar 3.3 oz
Trail Snack Mix 4.5 oz
Strawberry Jam 9oz
Blueberry Jam 9oz
Oatmeal  Cookies 4oz
Wheat Crackers 5oz
Shortbread Cookies 8 oz
3 Hudson Valley Gala Apples

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