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Big Apple Foodie Favorites

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In New York, everything is bigger, better and bolder and we've really outdone ourselves this time!  We've gathered ALL the tasty trends that make NYC a sophisticated snacker's paradise.  Want to get a party started?  Send this burgeoning basket to feed the whole office or a crew that's home for the holidays!  And maybe you want to send one to yourself…just in case a crowd drops by! 

Take a look at all our New York themed baskets. 

Skyline Crate includes:
Sunpopped Popcorn  (4.5oz)
Kalamata Pistachio Brittle  (6oz)
French Chocolate Truffles  (1.76oz)
Butterscotch Cookies  (7oz)
Pink Sugar Cookies  (7.75oz)
Ginger Snap Cookies  (7.5oz)
Water Wheel Thin Crackers  (3.5oz)
Black & White Chocolate Covered Pretzels  (2.88oz)
Sea Salt Pita Chips  (1oz)
Flag Ship Cheddar Cheese  (5.1oz)           
Toasted Almond with Maine Sea Salt Brittle  (1.6oz)
Chocolate Black Licorice  (1.3oz)
Red Fruits Toffee Bar  (3.5oz)
Dark Chocolate Covered Espresso Beans  (5oz)
Honey Roasted Peanuts  (8oz)
Hudson Valley Red Delicious Apple  (3 pieces)

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