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"Comfort Food” Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket

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In a time of loss, the best way to send comfort and support is through good food. Our specially selected Comfort Food Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket features nutritious and satisfying items that hit all the right flavor notes.

Our Small Batch Organics Granola Bars were first sold at a Farmstead Café in the Green Mountains of Vermont, they’re crisp, flavorful, satisfying and also certified organic and gluten-free. There’s nothing better than the simple goodness of Jan’s Cranberry Pistachio Farmhouse Crisps made in Stowe, Vermont. These light, thin snacks are nonetheless hearty and flavorful, making them an ideal snack item on the go. 

Hudson Valley artisans create Oliver Kitra’s renowned chocolates – here we’ve included the Ceremont Cappuccino flavored bar made with espresso and nuts for a delicious burst of energy. A California Farmhouse olivetapenade pairs with Asturi’s all-natural Bruschettini – make another hearty but not heavy snack.  Klara’s Gourmet Chocolate and Sea Salt Shortbread elevate any coffee break with their rich buttery texture that conjures a warm, homey kitchen. 

Send your good wishes with the Comfort Food Sympathy Gourmet Gift Basket.

Seagrass Tray includes:
Chocolate Truffles  (2.9 oz)
Clermont Cappuccino Chocolate Bar  (3.3 oz)
Bruschettini  (4.3 oz)
Cranberry Pistachio Crisps  (4 oz)
Farmhouse Olive Tapenade  (9 oz)
Coffee Bean Granola Bark  (2 oz)
Chocolate and Sea Salt Shortbread  (8 oz)
Cherry Granola Bark  (2 oz)
Gala Apples (3pc)

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