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The Comfort Food Combo Gourmet Basket

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This is snacking equivalent to sending someone a great big HUG!  Here are all your most beloved comfort-food cravings in one irrepressibly cheerful, delightfully delicious package!

Sea Grass Basket includes:
Mississippi Three Cheese Straws (3.5 oz)
Holbrook Cottage Chocolate Brownies (4pc)
Butterscotch Cookies (6 oz)
Salt & Pepper Potato Sticks (8 oz)
Effie’s Oatcakes (7.2 oz)
Bobby Sue’s Nuts (2.5 oz)
Raspberry Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip (4.3 oz)
Chocolate Pretzels (2 oz)
5 Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies (8 oz)
Pretzel Twists (2 oz)
Virginia Salted Peanuts (9 oz)
Pipcorn White Truffle Popcorn (4.5 oz)
Cheddar Cheese Snack Mix (6 oz)
Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Caramels (6 oz)

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